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February 09, 2003

Yes, it's been nearly a year since my last update. I have been rather busy. There aren't any major changes to Bitter, Twisted Galaxy for me to talk about yet, but I have started up a new fan page, for Haibane Renmei.

It's called Sekai no Hajimari, and it's still very much in the early stages. Hopefully I'll be able to get it up to date, and then actually work on some of the things I intend to do with this page.
I'm also not out of the fanfic business. I'm almost done with a big Daria fanfic, over 200 pages of Fashion Club as magical girls. I'm also working on a couple short original pieces to eventually be put here and a Haibane Renmei fanfic.

February 27, 2002

Finally finished (more or less) my UshiCon write-up. It's been delayed for a number of reasons, ones I hope don't repeat with the upcoming A-Kon.
I'm also currently engaged in building a new PC. It's going to replace my current machine, so it'll probably take me a few days to get all the software set up and all the files transferred. After that I should be able to get started on setting up my anime section.

January 9, 2002

Well, Daria's almost wrapped up. The final movie, "Is It College Yet?" will be shown on the 21st. After I get Sick, Sad World updated with that information, the site will be largely complete outside of fan submission.
At that point, this site will be getting a minor redesign. The space section will be going away. Much as I like space, the stuff I'm truly interested in probably won't be happening in the next decade or two. I'll be keeping the links (and revising some others), but that section will be replaced with an anime section. I'll be doing reviews and con reports, with the possibility of fanfics on the way. Of course, I say that with a big stack of abandoned stories that I've messed with over the last year sitting here. The first addition to this section will probably be a con report for UshiCon, which is happening the first weekend in February. If you're in Austin, I'd encourage a visit. It's the con's first year, so don't expect something on the scale of A-Kon, but with ADV in the area it should still be a nice weekend.
Speaking of which, the other section that will get changed will be the writing section. I plan on getting my sci-fi shared world area going after I get the anime section settled in. If the shared-world doesn't attract any other writers, I'll keep it going myself as sort of an online writing experiment, and hopefully at least get some good critiques to help improve my writing.

October 9, 2001

Okay, I'm going to try moving to the new servers again this week. The old one will remain up until the new one has been totally tested, so the pages will still be around. E-mail, however, has not yet been confirmed, so there may be some delays there. I'll start the transition tomorrow, and hopefully be complete next week (DNS can be very slow in updates, I'm going to leave it more than enough time).
I've also added my write up of a recent anime con, AnimeFest 2001. I went to it in Dallas at the beginning of September, and finally got around to doing the write up. It's available at the link above or in the Writings section.
Work on Sick, Sad World has not gone as quickly as I had hoped. Too much other stuff has been getting in the way. However, there isn't a whole lot left. There is still no news on the movie, unfortunately, and until that's finished I probably won't be spending a whole lot of time on this page. Once it is, however, I'll be doing somewhat of a redesign here. I'll probably be adding an anime section, including (of course) reviews and links.

August 24, 2001

Long time no update, yes. Daria has finally ended, more or less. There's just one final movie, apparently coming out around the end of the year. Until then I'll be filling in the blanks on Sick, Sad world, then I'll finally have no other active webpages to be messing with. I do intend to keep SSW updated, at least as far as fanfic submissions and so on, but that should not be very time consuming.

January 18, 2001

Okay, it's been quite some times since I've updated this page. Bitter, Twisted Galaxy is sort of on hold for now. I've been busy working on Sick, Sad World, writing, and working on my CCNP (luckily the place I work has a nice Cisco lab for the last one). Season 5 of Daria is starting up soon, and that will take up most of my html time.
After this season of Daria is over I'll be focusing on this page, which will undergo a total redesign. The content will totally change, and I'll be setting up a science-fiction shared-world writing page. I've had the basic universe idea kicking around for a while, and I do want to get more practice writing, so this'll help. I'm currently messing with a message board system that'll allow easy contributions to the story, so if you're interested in writing check back every so often. I'll probably be setting up a notification e-mail list for this at some point as well.
If the pattern of episodes holds for Daria, MTV will be showing three or four new eps per block, with a month or so between blocks. This means I may be able to get this stuff going before the end of the season, but I won't make any promises.

Speaking of Daria and writing, I've released my first two Daria fanfics. Check out my Writings section for further information if you're interested.

And I may as well touch a little on the recent elections. The Libertarian Party actually did pretty well. Harry Browne didn't do as well as had been expected, but since the Dem/Rep race was so close this really isn't surprising. We did well at the local level, and are starting to make inroads at the state level. More importantly, perhaps, we did well at the national level. Libertarian Party candidates for House and Senate received more votes than any third party has since the Republican first came along.
The Reform party is basically dead, since they lost federal funding. Unless Perot comes back this means they won't be able to field any big-name candidates, and pretty much puts them out of contention. The Greens are still running on Nader's personality, and they did not qualify for federal funds, so they probably won't be able to do more than pull the Dems slightly to the left. This'll leave the Repubs crowding the center, and the Libertarian Party should be pretty well positioned to take advantage of the fun, especially since we've never relied on a Big Name candidate or federal money.

September 29, 2000

Important news for Libertarians. Meet the Press is holding a "third party debate" this weekend, but has chosen to exclude Harry Browne. Browne's campaign manager has been informed by the shows producer that "it isn't in the cards" that Browne will ever be covered by Meet the Press. Would you like to comment?

You can contact:
Meet the Press: (202) 885-4598,
Tim Russert: (202) 885-4548,
Nancy Button Nathan, producer: (202) 885-4656,

September 23, 2000

Hope you'll pardon the little logo, but it does help me pay for this place.

Check out my additions to my Warcraft 2 puds.

I've also been adding some links. There's a new space link and a new misc. link.

September 9, 2000

Welcome to my web site. It's something I said would be up "soon" a while ago, but on the cosmic scale I was correct.
It's not dedicated to anything in particular (unless you count a galaxy size ego; didn't say it was mine). There's plenty of links, and I'll be posting teasers from news articles I find interesting, book reviews, and so forth.

This page will be mostly used for site news, announcements, and so forth.
Oh, and if the fonts aren't displaying properly, it's because you're using the wrong browser. Both Navigator and Explorer don't bother following standards. Try Opera instead.



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