About the Site

Did you draw that pic at the top?

Nope. That's a cut from a nice Hubble image I got from NASA's image archive. It's a picture of the Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635).

What's with that name?

No, it has nothing to do with my outlook on the world.
Bitter, Twisted Galaxy has to do with another web-site of mine, namely: Sick, Sad World. It's dedicated to a show on MTV (I know, I know) called Daria. The title character happens to really like (well, regularly watch, which for her is pretty much the same thing) a show called -- what else -- Sick, Sad World.
Daria also happened to be portrayed as a writer, and quite a lot of fanfic started being generated. One of the best fanfic authors was working on a parody (of the fanfic scene), which included parodies of many Daria fan sites. Sick, Sad World was one of them, but the name suggested was Bitter, Twisted Galaxy.
Naturally, I had to adopt that title for this page.

Is there some font I should have for this?

There does happen to be. I use the Viner Hand ITC font on this web page.



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