(And Philosophy)

Cato Institute

A political think-tank dedicated to the ideas of limited government and individual liberty

The Constitution of the United States

Something all Americans should at least read

The Federalist Papers On-line

Very helpful resource for examining the founding politics of the US

Junk Science

Site dedicated to exposing "junk science" used to further ideologies through panic and emotion rather than actual findings.

Libertarian Party

The largest 3rd party in the US, and the one to which I belong.

Ludwig von Mises Institute

Research and education center focusing on classical liberalism and Austrian economics.

The Objectivist Center

Dedicated to the advancement of the philosophy of Objectivism.

Portrait of America

Very relevant during campaign season, this is the page of the Rasmussen polling firm, probably the most accurate nationwide survey company. Very good source of information on trends.



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