Atlas Shurgged: the miniseries

Rated the second most influential book in history by a Congressional Library poll, Ayn Rand's greatest (and longest) work is being made into a mini-series. Not the official site, which doesn't seem to have appeared yet.

Dune: the miniseries

One of the science-fiction classics is being turned into a mini-series to appear on the Sci-Fi channel Dec 2000. This is the homepage.

Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie

A fantasy classic in the making? A basically indie film (with a non-indie budget) set to the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons. To be released fall/winter 2000.

Lord of the Rings

Tolkein's classic comes as a live-action movie, scheduled to be released early next year.

Star Wars: Lightsabres

Very interesting page dedicated to examing that popular Star Wars weapon, the Lightsabre



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