Battle for Arborlon

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The Battle for Arborlon -- Hoare Flats

Scenario: The Tree of Life is dying, and the magic holding the demons in the Great Rift is thin. The Dagda Mor has used his black magic to break the rift, and escape with his demon hordes. The elves must stop them until the new tree can be planted. The demons have sheer numbers, but they will fight on the elves terms, where and how they want it. The first line of defense is the two mountain passes of Worl Run, and Halys Cut. If they fall, the last defense before the capital of Arborlon is the pass of Baen Draw, and the plains of the Sarandanon. They have nothing but sheer determination on their side. The situation looks grim indeed.

Objective: The attackers (Black-demons) must penetrate both the two outer mountain passes and then conquer the inner pass and thrust through the wooded areas of the Sarandanon to attack Arborlon, which is the second map. The defenders must stave off this massive assualt with little hope of victory. The main objective is to inflict unacceptable losses on the demons, which will be a certain number described below. At all costs, the small city near the circle of power must not be destroyed, or the demons win, and move on to the second map. The defenders may have some small slim chance of victory if they can kill enough pieces, but since the demons can build 6550 troops, that is highly unlikely. The defenders can upgrade all the units and archers and spells for free, so do this immediatly if not sooner. The attacker has no such upgrades...tough luck.

Special Pieces:

The attackers have only one special piece:

Cho'gall: This represents the dragon that attacked Worl Run. It is a close up behemoth. Tons of hp, armour, and damage, with no range. Use wisely, for it can punch through that tight spot clogged with defenders.
Defenders have only one special piece:

Mage: This represents Allannon, the mighty druid. He was the one who defeated the dragon at Worl Run, and later the Dagda Mor leader. He is shown as a mage to represent his mighty magical powers. Use with caution, for although he has extremly high hp, armour and damage, he is still killable, and with him dead, the demons are ever closer to victory. He doesn't have access to polymorph since there was no magic that strong, but everything else is available, even the mighty blizzard, to show his druid fire.

The Battle for Arborlon -- City Defense

Scenario: The demons have overrun the defenses at Worl Run, Halys Cut, and Baer Draw. They have conquered the plains of the Sarandanon, and march on towards Arborlon, the capital of the elves. Arborlon, with its seven walls of defense set upon a hillside, is the last chance for the elves at saving their people. The Tree of Life within the city is dead, and now the only hope is for the new seed of life to be planted and the resultant closing of the rift. The demons still outnumber the defenders 100 to 1, even after the massive losses in the mountain passes. If only the elves can hang on and survive the onslaught until the seed can be planted... the fate of the free world hangs in the balance...

Objective: The attackers in this scenario must destroy the Tree of Life, which is represented by the Elven Runestone within the city. The defenders must seal off the Great Rift, which is represented by the Dark Portal. Whenever either is destroyed, although the game will not recognize a victory, the two players should acknowledge the others win, regardless of the remaining pieces and buildings on the map. Since neither of these special icons can be replaced by rebuilding it, it should be easy to see who won the game. In the rare instance that both the Tree and Great Rift are destroyed simultaneously, then the game is a draw, and must be played again in its entirety. The defenders can upgrade all units for free, so do it quickly. The attackers need to pay for it, but it will help in the long run.

Special Instructions: Both sides have some special pieces that must be explained here.


Uther Lightbringer: This icon is symbolic of Allannon, the mighty druid of Paranor. Although I could not edit the graphics or name of the piece, I am sure you will see the improvement when selecting this piece. He is the leader of the defenders and can take out a large number of enemy pieces by himself, but be warned: don't waste him, for he can be the game winner.

Lothar: This piece symbolizes Stee Jans, the legendary human warrior of the Border Legion Free Corps. He was the head leader in the defense of the walls during the siege. He is himself a powerful piece, and can take and deal some serious punishment, but again be warned: don't waste this piece, for he can turn the tide in a tight situation.

Zuljins: This group of pieces(24 total) are set on passive rescue, white color, and start within the city proper. They represent the allies of the elves, the Kershalt Rock Trolls. They are brutish, armored to the teeth, and a walking tank. They will be 'rescued for the purpose of mixing the humans and trolls only. They will be of quite some value, since they can attack air, but have a limited range of attack (3). Use them will impunity, since they will be very defensive against flying and melee fighters.


Gul'dan: This piece is the leader of the Demon armies, the Dagda Mor. He was the powerful evil spellcaster that opened the rift to the world, and freed the army. He is a death incarnate. He is mean, nasty, and not-to-pleasant. He is the equivalent of Allannon on the defenders side, although in a one-on-one fight, Allanon would win with about 5hp left, since he did defeat the Dagda Mor in a fight to the death. Use him with care, since he is a death knight, and exorcism can hurt him, though probably not kill him. His spells will come in nicely when the need arises.

Cho'galls: These two(count em, two) ogre-mages represent the reptilian giants that assaulted the third wall during the siege of Arborlon. They are giant, fist wielding, mass-smashing wall crushers. And super quick to boot. Save them until a need arises to break through a knot of defenders, since you have only two, and they are deadly, but not deathless.

Demons: Nine to start, and no more coming, these represent the massive, deadly forces of Dagda Mor, and are flying death dealers. They are heavy on the range, firepower, and hp, but still be cautious, since they are the secret attack force the demons used. Lose them early and the fight is already lost. Save them to the critical rush time, and they will not disappoint the wanton destruction to follow.



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