Old News

Sept 28, 2000

An article on some successful quantum encryption tests.

An article about the bits of the Civil War they don't teach in school.

And an article about 3D printing; not quite Star Trek replicators, but they're a start.

Sept 27, 2000

Here's an interesting article about photonic crystals, something that has great potential in the optical networking field.

Worried about privacy on the internet? Maybe you've got bigger problems that some company's privacy statements...

And a nice article about molecular manipulation.

Interested in the Bush and Gore tax plans? Check out this site. It includes a tax-savings calculator, so you can find out just how much of the proposed tax cuts you'll be able to get (I got a whopping $0 savings under the Gore plan).

Sept 26, 2000

Harry Browne was on NPR's Morning edition yesterday. Listen to the inteveriew.

I found an interesting article about education entitled: "Sesame Street, Epistemology, and Freedom"

And Clinton once again tries to back-door in something that would never get through Congress.

Sept 25, 2000

Several stories about Intel's recent Europe cash-flow problems:
Mercury Center
Tech TV

There's also some not-quite-correct ZDNET coverage of Sun's upcoming UltraSparc III (scheduled to be launched on the 27th).

Sept 21, 2000

Here's an interesting econ article.

Followed up by a very nice EE Times article about neural nets.

Sept 18, 2000

Home fuel cells are almost a reality; GE is releasing their next year.

Sept 16, 2000

The EE Times has an article about storing an infinite amount of information in a single electron.

Sept 14, 2000

Tom's Hardware has a neat article about MPEG-4 compression, which allows you to record a full-length movie on a single CD-ROM with almost no drop in quality from DVD.

Sept 12, 2000

Several stories about ultrananocrystal diamond:
Chicago Tribune
Tech Transfer at Argonne
Annual Reviews

Sept 11, 2000

Even more stuff today. First, if you're looking for technical books, check out Bookpool. Not the perfect selection, but the prices are good.

Here's an article by the Motley Fool about lawsuits and capitalism.

And also a Cato Institute article about the current rash of wildfires in the US. Here's a quote from it: "As the Washington Times reported, officials have prevented bulldozers from building fire breaks because they might scar terrain (as if flames wouldn't). Instead, firefighters have had to remove trees with axes, causing deadly delays."

Sept 10, 2000

Found this very interesting article (Beyond 2001: HAL's Legacy for the Enterprise Generation) through Slashdot. Very much worth the read for anyone interested in nanotech.

Sept 9, 2000

Just found out today about an interesting Rasmussen poll that showed more voters are strongly libertarian than conservative or liberal. Note that this link is to the LP story, not to the poll itself, which doesn't seem to have come up on the website yet. I'll post a link there when I see it.
This is good news for Harry Browne, who's actually been beating Buchanan in the polls. Well, those that include Browne, anyway. This is in spite of Buchanan getting rather more than ten times the media coverage that Browne does (no joke; there's companies you can pay to track this stuff, and the LP has) and spent ten times as much money.


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