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November 10, 2000

What, me concede?

Myths about the Amazon

And a double-header on the Electoral College system:
Cato Institute

November 6, 2000

For those interested in such matters, there's a very nice article about the new Amiga ASM available.

And for those who believe in all of the Bill of Rights, there's short story to read.

November 2, 2000

There's some current Supreme Court cases that bear watching.

And is Al Gore really as smart as people think?

November 1, 2000

A not-so-minor breakthrough in Quantum Computing.

NASA's playing around with some interesing long-duration flight.

The Supreme Court hears a patent law case.
They're also hearing one about federal land laws.

Those environmentally friendly Californian government officials are now cutting down people's trees on private property.

The FBI says that more people were arrested for non-violent marijuana charges last year than for all violent crimes combined.



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